Thickness50 mm 75 mm
Weight (Kg/m2)39 kg / m2 50 kg / m2
Axial load bearing53 kN / m 84 kN / m2
Sound transmission (STC)32 dB 38 dB
Thermal transmission U value2.17 W / m² ºC 1.78 W / m² ºC
Fire Rating94 minutes 120 minutes
Compressive Strength34 Kg/cm2
Surface spread of flameClass 1Approved for use ini areas where wall or partitions having a surface spread of flame rating of Class O or lower are required
CombustibilityDeemed non-combustible
Water penetrationNo evidence of water penetration
Strength & robustness
Partition stiffnessNo cracking, detachment or loosening
– Small hard body impact 6NmNo cracking, breakage or indentation
– Small hard body impact 15NmNo cracking, breakage or indentation
– Large soft body impact 40 Nm & 12 NmNo surface or structural damage
– Door SlammingNo visible cracks
– Crowd pressure – 2kN/mNo damage
Wall height – non load bearingUp to 4500 mm high (fire and non fire rated)


TebalLebarPanjang *Berat
50600300070 Kg
75600300090 Kg
1006003000120 Kg
* Bisa Dipesan ukuran khusus 2400 mm, 2700 mm


3772210027 Kg
3782210030 Kg


TebalLebarPanjangBeratJarak BalokBeban IjinTulangan
756003000100 Kg150 cm380 Kg/m2wiremesh M6
1006003000120 Kg150 cm450 Kg/m2wiremesh M6
100600200080 Kg200 cm400 Kg/m2wiremesh M8

Kusen dan Pintu

Kusen Alumunium extrussion dengan finishing powdercoating, tebal 1,4 mm dengan ukuran disesuaikan dengan ketebalan dinding quipanel